Harry Chapin: A Celebration In Song Volume I (2006)

Harry Chapin (1942 - 1981) was one of our most passionate, political, prolific and inspiring songwriters. Author and singer of classic songs like “Taxi,” “Mr. Tanner,” “Mail Order Annie” and “W•O•L•D.” A devastating auto accident in 1981 cut Harry’s life short, yet he left behind a body of work that his fans continue to treasure decades after his death. He is also remembered as a great humanitarian: public advocate and educator, fund-raiser, musician, writer, filmmaker, Harry believed in believing. Because of his extraordinary contributions, Harry Chapin was posthumously awarded the Special Congressional Gold Medal in 1987.

Twenty-five years after his death, a few friends, two of whom happen to be his brothers, thought it might be fun to get together, sing some songs, and show you that the legend is a family thing! This CD, recorded live at the IMAC Theatre in Huntington, LI, commemorates an evening full of story, humor and transcendent music, performed by those who knew and loved him best.

This live concert recording features some of Harry's best known songs and more, and stars...
Tom Chapin, Steve Chapin, Jen Chapin, Jim Chapin,
The Chapin Sisters: Abigail Chapin, Lily Chapin, Jessica Craven,
with Stephan Crump, Jamie Fox, Jon Cobert, Michael Mark,
and members of the original Harry Chapin Band: Big John Wallace and Howard Fields,
with Ann Kim on cello

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD goes to support Long Island Cares, an anti-hunger organization founded by Harry Chapin in 1980.

The Chapin Family: Harry Chapin: A Celebration In Song (Volume I)

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Sunday Morning Sunshine
Remember When The Music
Mail Order Annie
Mr. Tanner
Let Me Down Easy
I Wonder What Would Happen
Hurry Up Sky
Part Of It
The Key
30,000 Pounds Of Bananas


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