A Mozart Duet
by Jon Cobert & Michael Mark & Tom Chapin
Sonata III by W. A. Mozart
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Here I am at my piano with
My Mozart piece again.
Next month is the big recital
And I have to get it right by then.

This second part is much too difficult
For any kid to play.
Fingers just weren’t meant to move this fast,
Who wrote this turkey anyway?

“I did. It’s not difficult, a simple scale in C.
I’m Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
And I could have played this at age 3.
Try it again.

There’s no need to get discouraged,
It takes time to learn to play.
Practice it a little slower, you must
Let your fingers lead the way.”
Like this?
“That’s good... very nice... and again.”

All that afternoon he stayed,
We played scales in C.
Every day we met at my piano,
Wolfgang and his piece and me.

Sunday was the big recital
And it filled the library.
The crowd grew hushed and I was nervous
Until Mozart turned and said to me:
“I’m very proud of how you’ve worked,
Now show them how you play!”
I sat down at the grand piano
And I let my fingers lead the way.

Of all the Mozart I have learned
From Mass to minuet,
My favorite is his Third Sonata
’Cause I think of it as our duet.

This song appears on Tom Chapin's In My Hometown CD.

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