Bye Bye Dodo
by John Forster
© 1992 Limousine Music Co. (ASCAP)

The dodo was slow.
He stayed on the ground.
Tasted great on a plate beautifully browned.
We hounded that bird, chased him around.
Finally one day he could not be found.
Bye bye, Dodo. Dodo, bye bye.
So sad to say goodbye. Oh Dodo, me oh my.

The rhino is large, as large as a barge.
Weighs a ton, loves to run.
Look at her charge.
Her homeís on the plain,
But the plainís on the wane.
That is why so few rhinosses remain.
Donít go, Rhino. Rhino, donít go.
Weíd miss you ever so.
Oh Rhino, please donít go.

The king of the sky, way up on his crag,
Recently even he started to sag.
But just in the nick,
We helped him pull through.
Now more and more eagles soar
Out in the blue.
Fly high, Eagle. Eagle, fly high.
Go forth and multiply. Oh regal Eagle, fly.

This song appears on Tom Chapin's Billy The Squid CD.

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