Big Love
by John Forster & Tom Chapin
© 2006 Limousine Music Co. & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)

Big love. Big risk.
Big hurt to be alone like this.
Brokenhearted in the rain.
I placed a bet. What did I get?
A world of pain.

Now Iím waiting on the roof to be rescued
After the stormís gone through.
Big love. You choose.
But if you lose, the damage big love can do.
The damage big love can do.

Big plans fall short,
And all your dreams end up in court.
Confidence goes down the drain.
Iím not the first, wonít be the last,
To love in vain.

Now Iím looking back
In twenty-twenty hindsight
At all the big mistakes I made.
Big love. Bad breaks.
Hard luck. Heartaches.
Thatís how the game is played.

But oh, now that we are through,
I see how high we flew.
What am I to do without you?

Big loss. Big win.
Iím a big boy now so deal me in.
íCause I know how love can feel.
And when itís big, and when itís real,
Itís a real big deal.
So Iím knocking on your door again
To ask you,
What could we have been thinking of?
Big pain. Big deal.
Big hurt can heal.
Remember our big, big love.

So letís take another chance -
I know weíll make it.
And make it better than it ever was.
Weíre meant to be. Itís destiny.
íCause thatís how it is with love.
Big love.
Believe in our big, big love.
Big love.

This song appears on Tom Chapin's The Turning Of The Tide CD.

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