Donít Miss The Bus
by Michael Mark & Tom Chapin
© 1998 HCD Music & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)

Here it comes íround the corner, big and yellow and loud.
Canít you hear it?
The school bus coming to pick up the school bus crowd.
Itís very quiet on 4th Street, the kids are all up in bed.
Then Mama bangs on the bedroom door
And this is what Mama said:
Get up get up get up get up! She makes an awful fuss.
Get up get up get up get up! Donít miss the bus!

Make a right onto Main Street,
íRound the circle and back.
Canít you hear it,
The school bus coming over the railroad track.
Sleepyheads on 4th Street
Are tumbling out on the floor.
Wash your face, brush your teeth, oh no!
Thereís a line at the bathroom door.
Get up get up get up get up! Youíre making me nervous.
Get up get up get up get up! Donít miss the bus!

Betty Baker drives the bus, Betty Bakerís neat.
But Betty waits for no one
So you better move your feet!

Panic time on 4th Street. This is no time to play.
Grab your backpack and drink your juice
íCause the bus is a block away.
ďHave you seen my viola?Ē Donít forget your homework! ďOh no!Ē
ďHow do you lose a viola?Ē Címon itís time to go.

Betty turns onto 4th Street, Mamaís getting upset.
The bus comes screeching to a stop.
Kids, arenít you ready yet?
Hurrying, scurrying down the stairs,
The bus doorís opening wide.
With a ďHello Betty!Ē
ďGoodbye Mom!Ē they disappear inside.
Get up get up get up get up! ďHey, Betty wait for us!Ē
Get up get up get up get up! Donít miss the bus!

You can miss your mama, miss your daddy,
Miss your Uncle Gus.
You miss me and Iíll miss you
But donít miss the bus.
You can miss some sleep, mystify and miscellaneous.
You can misbehave and misconstrue
But donít miss the bus. Donít miss the bus!
Mom will be furious! Donít miss the bus!

This song appears on Tom Chapin's Hometown CD.

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