A Forest In The Rain
by Michael Mark & Tom Chapin
© 1996 HCD Music & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)

Itís hot in here, forest in the rain.
And wet in here, tropical domain.
Hot in here, wet in here,
Come on down and sweat in here,
A forest in the rain.

A million plants, forest in the rain.
A zillion ants, tropical domain.
Lots of plants, scads of ants,
Across the forest floor they dance,
A forest in the rain.

High up in the canopy,
At the top of the tallest tree,
The monkey and kinkajou
Are hiding from you.
They eat and they sleep and play
And sit on the branch all day.
They laugh at you on the ground
And never, never come down.

Every night, forest in the rain.
Bats take flight, tropical domain.
Every night bats take flight,
Then back to bed before daylight,
A forest in the rain.

Hummingbirds, forest in the rain.
Donít know the words, tropical domain.
Hummingbirds donít know the words
So they hum along with other birds,
A forest in the rain.

The green and the golden frog
Are having a dialogue,
Look out for the crocodile,
I donít like his smile.
To every tiny moth,
To every three-toed sloth,
To the bee in the honeycomb,
The rain forest is home.

Every tree, forest in the rain.
Says to me, tropical domain.
Every tree says to me,
ďLet us grow and let us be a forest in the rain.
Let us grow and let us be a forest in the rain.Ē
A forest in the rain.

This song appears on Tom Chapin's Around The World And Back Again CD.

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