The Junk Food Pyramid
by John Forster, Michael Mark & Tom Chapin
© 2011 Limousine Music Co., HCD Music & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP)

I got the munchies in the snack food aisle.
I filled my basket with a big fat pile.
Of the cream-filled crud
On the supermarket shelf.
Suddenly I found myself…
In the Junk Food Pyramid.
The Junk Food Pyramid.
Chugging through the chambers,
Creeping though the crypts,
Desperate for a soda pop and chips.
I thought I had it bad, nothing could be worse
Than the curse of the Junk Food Pyramid.

I started scarfin' everything in sight.
Felt like a mummy
Who was wrapped too tight.
Sugar, fat, salt, grease, clogging up the room,
Sealed in a hydrogenated tomb.
In the Junk Food Pyramid.
The Junk Food Pyramid.
Great big gobs of saturated fats
Dripping off the hieroglyphic cats.
Everything was sweet, now it's the reverse,
It's the curse of the Junk Food Pyramid.

King Tut was standin' by the deep fat fryer,
Crankin' out the crullers
As the flames shot higher.
I ate a bag of donuts, my brain went clang,
Went into sugar shock as Nefertiti sang…
Whipped cream and chocolate kiss.
High-yiyiyiyiyiyiyi-high fructose.
Sweet dreams are made of this.
High-yiyiyiyiyiyiyi-high fructose.

I dropped my donuts and jumped in the Nile
I got myself back to the snack food aisle.
Left my basket right there on the floor,
I'm never going back no more...
To the Junk Food Pyramid. Junk Food Pyramid.
Sugar made me crazy, sugar made me crash.
Here's the latest junk food - news flash!
Don't do what I did, kid, just do what I say:
Stay far away from the Junk Food Pyramid.

This song appears on Tom Chapin's Give PEAS A Chance CD.

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