Thank you so much for making the music you make, for your incredible humor, and for making your concerts so entertaining. There are so many problems in the world and so much stress in everyone's daily life that coming home to turn on your music in my car and then have a dance party to your music when my husband and I get home with our son is the way EVERYONE should end their day. I know you make our house (and car) a better place! A.S.
We just saw you in Greenville, SC with our three children, ages 10, 8 and 5, and with a friend and her two. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time. I wished sincerely I could just shake your hands, to say thank you. For what you do in the lives of people you've never met. For us, the Tom Chapin Family Albums are a soundtrack to our children's earliest years, and as parents, to our earliest, greenest years, when we were the very young, wet-behind-the ears folks! We know, love and sing all your songs all the time, even our 10 year old who is starting to think he's getting a bit "big" for "kid's music". He understands the nostalgia in these tunes for our family. When I hear your music, I remember them being babies, dancing around the den at dusk, singing and laughing while we waited on Daddy to get home from work. So the bigger they get, the more loved these songs are! We have a home video of our now 10 year old, at 18 months, on the phone with his grandmother, telling her he was listening to "Tomchapintunes". For him, it was all one word. For all of us, what you do touches a part of our lives we'll never forget. Thank you again. For your work, love of what you do, and obvious joy in that endeavor. We praise your name to every parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt or cousin we ever meet! Want great music in your home? Get Tom Chapin! So fondly, A.T.
I believe the messages you send of peaceful ways, caring for the earth and each other, and the value of relationships, all delivered with your special sense of fun and humor, are very valuable life experiences for kids. Your music acts as a mighty antidote to the kind of messages they are all too oftern immersed in outside of school. You tell them that their lives and concerns are important, you encourage them to laugh, and to smile with understanding at people's foibles. You encourage them to be internationalists. Thank you so very much! D.G., Music Teacher
Thanks for another great night (outdoor show in October in Doylestown, PA) but cold! My wife R., daughters S. (10) and J. (8) have made this a tradition for the past 8 years, one wet. We got the best news from S. on the way home when we asked her if you guys where still cool. Her reply was they will always be! Thanks guys, and don't ever stop. Parents need you. J.R.
C.K. (father of K.) who Tom once allowed to sing her "Happy Halloween" lyrics (to your "Happy Birthday" song) at a Doylestown Pumpkinfest many years ago. K. is now a first-year student at B.U. We may grow older, but we never tire of the songs that represent our youth. Your songs coincided with her youth. We visited her last weekend and she found a piano and asked me to play "Together Tomorrow" for her before we left - a song she fell asleep to many a night for many years. You have been a wonderful part of our lives, and I'm sure many others', for which I thank you. My (22-year-old) son and I hope to be two of the many faces you'll look out on tomorrow evening in Doylestown. Thanks for sharing your songs - with their warmth, wisdom, and good humor - with us.

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